We would like to Congratulate our very own HPCO HCC ACP Regional Champions from Erie St. Clair LHIN, Lisa Durocher and Linda Thiessen-Belch for winning the annual Bright Lights Award from the Association of Family Health Team of Ontario (AFHTO).

Leamington and Area Family Health Team (LAFHT), where Lisa and Linda work, was the winner of the category for: Employing and Empowering the Patient and Caregiver Perspective.  LAFHT was presented with the award for their achievement in Changing the Culture Around Advance Care Planning (ACP) that is breaking taboos through an education program for patients, caregivers, families and the community, destigmatizing conversations around end-of-life care.

LAFHT picture teamThe team made it a priority in their FHT to address the need for culture change when it comes to having those difficult advance care planning conversations. The team set about educating its regional partners, its patients and the community at large about health care consent and advance care planning. Staff members at the Family Health Team stay up-to-date on changes to relevant Ontario laws with the help of Lisa Durocher and Linda Thiessen-Belch who serve on the Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) committee for end-of-life care and planning, and are members of the Hospice Palliative Care Ontario’s Health Care Consent and Advance Care Planning community of practice.

Lisa Durocher HPCO HCC ACP Regional Champion stated. “We know that Advance Care Planning improves the experience of patients and their families, reduces caregiver trauma, increases the chance of being cared for in preferred setting and reduces unwanted interventions, treatments and hospitalizations. The feedback we have received from our patients, community and other health care providers confirms that people really want to talk about this.”


Advance Care Planning Conversation Guides

Produced by Dr. Nadia Incardona and Dr. Jeff Myers, 2016, includes the following:

  • A Clinical Primer on How to prepare for Advance Care Planning Conversations with patients and substitute decision-maker(s) or SDM(s);
  • ACP Conversation Guide to record wishes, values and beliefs for future healthcare (It is NOT consent for treatment but serves as a representation of a person’s capable thoughts and reflections); and
  • Advance Care Planning Conversations, A Guide for You and Your Substitute Decision Maker – How you can prepare for having Advance Care Planning Conversations.

“Let’s Understand the Differences: Advance Care Planning vs. Goals of Care” – March 16, 2017 Webinar with Dr. Nadia Incardona and Dr. Jeff Myers (archived session) presentation slides

Toronto East General Hospital

The Waterloo Wellington Advance Care Planning Education Program “Conversations Worth Having”

Uniquely designed to engage general public, community professionals and health care providers to build Consent and ACP understanding and capacity across the region. Focuses on CHANGE; change in awareness, attitudes, knowledge and behaviors associated with Consent and ACP. Visit the Waterloo Wellington ACP website for more resources.

East Toronto Health Link’s Ontario ACP toolkit for patients with chronic diseases and the healthcare providers who care for them

Using the Ontario Speak Up campaign as a framework, tools were created to help patients with chronic progressive disease as part of a coordinated care plan, discuss their future care wishes with their family and members of their health team. 

Hospice Northwest created A Personal Planning Guide which includes aspects of Advance Care Planning. 



PALLIUM CANADA LEAP-Ontario ACP Education Module 

The Health Care Consent and Advance Care Planning Leadership Advisory Team has worked closely with Pallium Canada and the LEAP (Learning Essential Approaches to Palliative Care) program developers to ensure that LEAP facilitators provide Advance Care Planning education that reflects the Ontario legal framework when providing LEAP education in Ontario.

Please contact Pallium Canada to ensure you have Ontario specific ACP material.