Ontarians are engaging in and promoting advance care planning in many ways – developing programs, educating the professionals they work with, holding public forums and events, working with media.  Learn about the innovative and creative initiatives in Ontario to promote health care consent and advance care planning.

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This is what a past HCC ACP Regional Champion had to say about their Community of Practice experience:

I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed being a part of the regional champion group. I learned so much valuable information from the leadership team and the other champions, which has really helped me to be able to support the region that I work in. I am so grateful to have had this opportunity and I wish I could have stayed in this role much longer! 

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What is the HPCO Health Care Consent Advance Care Planning Community of Practice (HCC ACP CoP)?

Hospice Palliative Care Ontario’s Health Care Consent and Advance Care Planning Community of Practice (HCC ACP CoP) is fast becoming the Centre of Excellence for HCC ACP in Ontario and is supporting the integration of HCC ACP into practice utilizing the Ontario legal framework.

The HCC ACP CoP includes:

  • Leadership Advisory Team, which is appointed by HPCO to advance awareness, knowledge and skills related to HCC ACP in Ontario and is comprised of a diverse group of experts in the legal, policy, clinical, operational, knowledge translation and implementation domains of HCC ACP.
  • Regional Champions, who are appointed across each of the 14 LHINs who have a lead role for promoting and implementing HCC ACP within their geography, ideally at a regional level.
  • Organizational (or Sector) Champions, who are from across organizations (e.g., hospitals, LTC, community, social services, etc.,) that have a lead role for promoting and implementing HCC ACP within their organization, sector or community.
  • Broad-based Community of Practice Membership, which consists of healthcare practitioners and administrators, caregivers, policymakers, researchers, educators, and community leaders who are interested in coming together to exchange information and promote HCC ACP in Ontario;

For more detail please refer to the Terms of Reference

Creating new HCC and ACP resources? The Community of Practice offers a review of Health Care Consent and Advance Care Planning materials (i.e. content, policies, procedures and other materials) to ensure the language and intent complies with the Ontario Legal Framework. Resource Review Form.

HCC ACP Ontario Tool Kit provides Ontario organizations with valuable advice and guidance on HCC and ACP best practices, including a summary of key themes and common errors, along with screening guidelines for HCC and ACP materials. Resources Tool Kit.

The Repository of best practices projects and initiatives highlights some of the HCC and ACP leading work in Ontario. You will be able to find resources such as ACP conversation guides, general public fact sheets and ACP brochure.


For more information about HPCO’s Communities of Practice, please contact:

Julie Darnay, Manager, Partnerships and Communities of Practice