COVID-19 Resources

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DISCLAIMER: The resources, webinars and links shared here represent general guidance based on current practice and available evidence. The documents, webinars and links posted have been developed by provincial clinical experts, reflecting best knowledge at the time, and is subject to revision based on changing circumstances and conditions. This information is intended to be guidance and is not meant to replace clinical judgment. Keep current and check regularly for updated information on the COVID-19 management and recommendations.

Goals of Care (GoC) Conversation Guides

Community Patients

  • Elderly / frail patients with serious comorbidities and no COVID-19 Infection.
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  • Long term care home with a severe COVID-19 infection.
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Hospitalized Patients

  • Hospitalized elderly / frail patients with a severe COVID-19 infection.
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  • Hospitalized patients with a mild COVID-19 infection.
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  • COVID - 19 Goals of Care Clinician Guide for the Emergency Department
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