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It is important to recognize the growing need for Advance Care Planning (ACP), Goals of Care (GoC), and Person-Centred Decision Making (PCDM) resources in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. We have been reviewing, developing and compiling several resources that offer guidance and practical ideas for planning and delivering ACP conversations during the COVID-19 pandemic. You can access resources intended to assist clinicians to engage patients in Patient-Centred Decision-Making conversations and help providers understand the conversations most appropriate to their practice setting and context.


  • Click the link above to access multiple resources and supports, such as a set of Goals of Care Conversation Guides. These GOC Guides are meant to assist you with goals of care conversations based on the patient population you are assisting, and whether they are diagnosed with COVID-19. These guides are based on a number of existing resources, compiled to be compliant with Ontario legislation.
  • Other resources also available such as Information Sheets for Patients, End-of-Life Support Tools, and Resources to Support Conversations.


Other Resources:


Ontario Palliative Care Network Resources – Support for Difficult Discussions, and Crisis Communication:

Ensuring the patient understands the nature and severity of their illness, and exploring their goals of care are crucial conversations to support decision-making and enable person-centred care. The general approach to these conversations is outlined in the following resources:

In addition, practical advice on how talk about difficult topics related to COVID-19, including specific phrasing for patient and family conversations has been developed by VitalTalk, click here.

Finally, the Center for Loss and Life Transition has developed a resource that provides guidance around how to talk to children of adult patients who die of COVID-19, click here.


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